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We believe that if you pay for a lawyer to handle your Charlotte NC speeding ticket, you should have ACCESS to your Lawyer, and at our Firm - you will.  Schedule a FREE Consultation directly on your Lawyer's calendar right on this website.   And if you have more questions later - schedule another one!   ACCESS GUARANTEED.

Gain Knowledge of the Traffic Laws and System

Talk with your Lawyer and learn about Speeding Ticket Law, DMV Points, Insurance Points, PJC's, and much more.   We encourage participatory clients and won't leave you out of the process after getting hired!

Gain Understanding of how this affects YOU.

Talk with your Charlotte NC Lawyer about your speeding ticket and gain a clear UNDERSTANDING of how DMV Points and Insurance Points can affect your Driver's License and pocketbook. Let's work to save you money.

IMPROVE your DMV record

Discuss with your Lawyer some techniques to minimize the impact of your speeding ticket and how to IMPROVE your DMV Record.

Vigorous Advocacy

Allow your Charlotte NC Lawyer to go to Court for you for your speeding ticket .  We guarantee Responsiveness to you and Vigorous Advocacy in Court pursuant to your best interests.


In many cases, you can waive your appearance in Court and your lawyer can handle your Charlotte NC speeding ticket without you having to go to the Courthouse or interrupt your busy day. Make sure to ask your lawyer about this. We'll do the rest.


Why should you have to accept risk of not knowing or liking your Charlotte NC Lawyer only because you didn't have the opportunity to talk with him/her before hiring him/her?   Well, with Falls Seagrave - you don't.

Set up a Free Consultation directly with Falls Seagrave, Founder, below.   Talk with him about your speeding ticket.  Get an Action Plan.   ... All BEFORE you retain our firm or pay any money.

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I'd love to talk with you and discuss your speeding ticket and driving record.    Please make an appointment or call me at 980-552-0076.

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